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4 musts for a flat belly.



  Genetics & diet are the main factors as to whether or not you will have a flat stomach. I have the same belly as my Pop (RIP Dad:'(), and my daughter has the same belly as me. My apologies to my daughter, grand and great grand babies. We all have some Santa-belly goin’ on naturally without the added help of ice cream. However, resistance & cardiovascular exercise can help as (of course) can a proper diet.

        Folks, the ole’ abdominals are muscle – just like any other muscle: to obtain identifiable definition, they must grow larger and the fat that lies over them must decrease. And you absolutely, positively, for sure, pinky swear CAN NOT spot train, so 8000 crunches with your headband on will do nothing but make you spew your Wheaties.

Our abs happen to be in the area of the body that contains the most fat. Our organs get all scared of cold and famine and stuff & fat is just their little security blanket. Back in the day when we weren’t guaranteed a roof over our heads and food on our bellies – when we had to rely on our hunting skills to eat – it worked in our favor. But now that we’re less motivated, processed junk food eatin’, screen obsessed zombies, not so much. Add our stress-fueled environment and some cortisol to the equation and good luck.

So, now what? Boom.

1) Eat clean, like your great, great, great, great grand folks would have. No refined crap, mostly veg & lean, organic protein, and whole, unprocessed starches.

2) Do some cardio & some resistance exercise. Treat your abs like any other muscle. Make the resistance hard enough to feel it in the first set of 10 reps MAX. Give them at least 24 hours rest between ab specific sets. If you can do more than 12 reps of an ab exercise, it’s to easy for you and YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG. (Sorry group fit instructors…uh heh heh).

3) See a Psychologist to make the diet stuff stick. Honestly. I just can’t stress it enough – our brains are stubborn.

4) Stress management – whether it’s an evening bath and a good book, or consulting with professional for some tricks and coping skills, this one is way more important than you may think.

More to come on cortisol and belly’s at a later date…….

Enjoy this day!


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