Free time saving kettlebell workout.



Here’s an awesome fun and time saving intermediate kettle bell workout that is guaranteed to make your muscles wonder what they did to offend you.

First…an interesting sidebar for those that aren’t already familiar with kettle bells: did you know that “pro” or “competition-grade” kettle bells are all actually the same size but just vary in weight? Yup, its true. With an optimal ergonomic design so you’ll never have to adjust your lifting technique for higher weights, they are typically color coded so you can identify the varied weights of the bells. If you are serious about the ol’ KB workouts, I highly recommend pro grade bells such as those sold through Agatsu here: (I have no affiliation with them, I’ve just purchased from them in the past and been very happy with service / product).

IMPORTANT HIGHLY ASTERISKED NOTE: ****Make absolutely sure you are cleared for unrestricted exercise from your doc before you do this. If you aren’t already in some sort of decent physical shape, this is probably not your bag.****

Here you go:

Time-saving, all over muscle butt-kicking kettlebell workout

Do a quick five minute cardio warm up (walking on the spot, skipping, etc.).

Do 4 sets through of this entire circuit – in order (pay attention to those last two words), with a 3 minute break in between sets. Make sure the bells are heavy enough that the last rep of each set is tough to complete. Oh and FYI, KB = kettlebell

      • 1 Leg KB squat – 8 reps, each leg.
      • Pull up (no KB required) – as many as possible. Can’t do one? Just hold yourself there for a bit. The goal is to get to the point in a few weeks where you can do one, then 2 then so on and so on.
      • KB pushups (if you have wrist issues, just do good ‘ole floor pushups) – as many as you can muster. Can’t do a “boy” pushup? Do “girl” (modified is the technical term) ones until you can do boy (regular is the technical term) ones.
      • KB Bent over row – 12 reps.
      • KB crunches – 12 reps. Can’t feel anything? Lower your arms and legs and let them hover without touching the floor with each rep.
      • KB Shoulder press – 8 reps.
      • KB Modified deadlift with heel lift – 10 reps.

Then if you want, add a set after each round of KB full swings – before you break for 3 minutes.

Don’t know what the h-e-double-hockey-sticks some of these are? Send me an email.

Enjoy this day!


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