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Cleanses…& why Sasquatch makes more sense.


Me. On a boat.

I’m on a boat. But seriously, one of our fave vacations. Planning to do it again soon. It’ll be our 6th time.

During this particular trip, I was in the midst of working on my holistic nutrition diploma. As per usual, I totally nerded out and brought all of my textbooks and studied daily on top of the boat. Back in the day when I was just a young thing, I was known as a bit of a granola. I never used hairspray, wore little makeup, and made alot of home made beauty items. Skip to 2009, and I was elated to have the opportunity to delve deeper into my granola roots with this schooling.

The reading was hippylicious to say the least. Not to discredit any of it, I learned some really valuable stuff. However, I had trouble digesting (pardon the pun) the “liver detox” recipes, and various cleanses. You know those green globules they show on websites touting the benefits of particular detox / supplement programs for cleansing certain organs such as the gallbladder? Listen to me people. If you drink oil and lemon juice, you will most DEFINITELY poop out green stuff. However, those little gross balls are not gallstones. And I quote:

          “Gallbladder and liver “flushes” are widely advocated as a way of treating gallstones and helping with medical conditions ranging from allergies to cancer [1-4]. In the usual “flush,” half a cup or more of a vegetable oil is consumed together with citrus juice and Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate), usually after a brief fast. Many green, brown, yellow or black blobs of various sizes may later appear in the bowel movements. Some bear a slight resemblance to gallstones, but they are not stones. They are merely bile-stained “soaps” produced by partial saponification (soap formation) of the oil. A recent demonstration found that mixing equal volumes of oleic acid (the major component of olive oil) and lemon juice produced several semi-solid white balls after a small volume of potassium hydroxide solution was added. After air-drying at room temperature, these balls became quite solid and hard. When formed in the intestine, these objects absorb bile and become green [5].”

           Gotta love Quack Watch. Here’s the link to the full article:


Also – quite honestly these “cleanses” can stress the body to a degree in themselves, and I find most people who go on them rebel so defiantly after they complete the detox process that it probably does more damage than any small amount of good.

You really want to detox? Make half of your daily intake fresh, organic veggies and fruits, eat organic meat (if you eat meat) & fats, and drink water until you need to move into the bathroom. Right? You need to shift your diet for the long haul and eat more of the good stuff, so your system has the building blocks to fight off the bad stuff. No three day lemon juice and olive oil “cleanse” that turns you into a raging crabbypants who ends up giving in to the binge of all binges is going to cure you from your ailments.

Enjoy this day!


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