Bloom’s top health app for 2016


iphone-410311_1280 First of all, I’d like to wish you the happiest of holidays from my home to yours! I hope you are enjoying family, friends, rest and of course great food!

I often get the chance to review health related apps and many of them people submit are weight management related. I try them out and quite honestly most of them will “do the trick” if used correctly and consistently. I have recently been working with one I really like and find to be user friendly and motivating. (For you iOs users – it also syncs with the “health” app on the new update which is kind of handy!) Its called “my diet coach” and you can enter meals, exercise, weight goals, etc. Granted it is a little femicentric (sorry guys) but if you can get past that, it’s a great tool.

I like the layout and ease of using this app, as well as the look of it. I got the free version (because thats how I roll) and its been pretty good so far – but if a person did want more motivation, water consumption tracking, etc. it is pretty cheap (around the $3 mark) to upgrade. Click here http://www.mydietcoachapp.com/ to check it out.

Do you have any health / wellness apps you love? Have any you’d like me to review? Shoot me an email.

Okay now I gotta go enjoy some leftover good eats…we’re still on holidays at my house….all in moderation, right? LOL Happy New Year guys!

Enjoy this day!



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