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Turmeric – the natural alternative to anti-inflammatory medication.


Do you suffer with inflammatory pain & illness like the other 80% of us? Are you popping ibuprofen like its going out of style? Then this might be of interest to you. Read on….         

Turmeric has been studied rather extensively for it’s anti-inflammatory properties, but has been shown to correlate with some other preventative health measures. Have a look at this article from the University of Maryland Medical Center Website.  Heart Disease? Alzheimer’s & other neurodegenerative diseases? Bacterial & Viral infections? Why aren’t we all taking this?

You can purchase it in pill form or make foods / teas out of the powdered spice.

Here is a lovely little infographic on the possible (they are not all scientifically verified…yet) benefits of this happy little plant:

– Source for infographic:

I’m definintely trying it – I don’t expect immediate results as with most natural remedies it takes at least a few weeks to start noticing change. I’m pretty excited at the thought of what this can bring to many of my arthritic / chronic pain clients though!!

Ok I am off to make myself a turmeric tea…you should too. Happy anti-inflammatorying….er….spicing!

Enjoy this day!


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