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Five rules to keep you healthy (& sane) over the holidays.


Guys – what a fall, hey? Strange elections…economy changes…job changes…regardless of our position, we have all felt the pinch. Maybe it was more like a grab & twist…

In come the holidays which for some brings joy, closeness and happiness, for othersmelancholy of holidays past (miss you Dad), and for some outright depression. There are some things we can all do to make sure we are putting our health up a rung rather than down during this busy and stressful (good or bad) time.

1. Move everyday.  Even when you are not working. As I’ve said many times, it doesn’t need to be the gym, and it doesn’t need to be 60 minutes (heck it doesn’t even need to be 45 if you can’t swing it). Pull up the good old interweb and type in YouTube and search for some crazy fun kickboxing video or anything you enjoy (prancercise is a real thing and I won’t judge) – do 15-20 minutes and I guarantee you’ll feel better. Sometimes at my house we even put on the Dreamworks Trolls soundtrack, put up the disco ball and rock our hearts out for 30 minutes. Yes, we do have a disco ball. I said I wouldn’t judge now neither should you…

2. Eat a ton of fruits and veggies. You’ll be eating alot of other stuff and this is typically the group that gets missed so make it a priority.

3. Give yourself a break at those parties. Yes, there are typically gatherings you will be attending where the main focus is food. Eat it. Enjoy it. Have chocolate or chips or whatever you love, just be mindful on the other days of rule number 2.

4. Relax. Seriously, build it in to your holidays. Book a massage (I’m open except the 25th – shameless plug), start a good book, sleep in even if it means with a kid and 2 dogs on the bed with you watching cartoons (this is my life), leave the dishes.

5. Instead of planning resolutions for the new year, make it a goal to keep following these rules throughout the year.

I know you already drink a ton of water so that one is not on the list. Right? Right?

One bonus rule that my husband has taught me and I find it works well especially in times of uncertainty…don’t stress that which you have no control over – just manage the things you can control. Its so true! Much of our stress is based on the “what ifs” and not the “what is”.

I wish each and everyone of you reading this a wonderful holiday however you celebrate – enjoy the season and all the chaos and relaxation it brings!

Much love to all of you, see you in the New Year ❤

– LB


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