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Change these 5 unhealthy habits immediately (you might not even realize you’re doing them). 


There are obvious unhealthy habits and then there are the not so obvious ones – some, if left unchecked, can have some serious effects on us emotionally, physically, even financially. Take a read and decide if you have some of these habits and need to change them to positively affect your life and health!

1. Negative self talk. You know, those moments where you don’t accept a compliment and instead say “no, I’m no good at this, it’s just a fluke!” Your brain is listening, folks, and your subconscious believes these words to be true.

The fix:

Practice smiling and simply, graciously saying “thank you”. That’s it. Cut yourself off right there – dunzo, cut, end of story, no opportunity.

2. Emotional eating. Do you find yourself craving particularly sweet or salty foods after a rough day at the office or a fight with your significant other? Not only can this lead to further disordered eating habits & excess weight, but it can cause it exacerbate gut issues which can negative effect on more that just your digestive system.

The fix:

Have tasks other than eating prepared for times of stress – for instance a sketch pad, some needlework, a warm herbal tea, or a dog begging to be walked. Distract yourself for at least 5 minutes and you will be able to tell if you are physiologically hungry or just stressed / bored, etc.

3. Tech addiction. Spend every minute of your free time on your phone? Does your family have to pry you away from your iPad to ask you a question?

The fix:

Now this is a tough one because if you work on a computer 8 hours a day, you can’t really get rid away from it. Just make sure to take breaks and get away from your desk for a few minutes at a time. Set time limits on your “other” tech. 30 minutes in the morning for texts / emails / Facebook / yada yada, 30 minutes at lunch, then 30 minutes after dinner. Slowly decrease the times as you are able, then the frequency. Do your best to stick within these times and you’ll notice a lot more about the world around you and probably get more non tech work accomplished. Heck – you might even start meditating!

4. Not exercising. Not enough time in the day? Just don’t think you need it because you are at a healthy weight? Read on.

The fix:

Ok – we get it – you’ve inherited have a great level of body fat and don’t need to lose weight but there’s more reasons than weight management to stick to regular exercise like these:

  • prevention of bone loss (use it or lose it)!
  • warding off anxiety (or helping to manage) & depression;
  • maintaining msucle tissue and resting metabolism as you age.

Check out this article from medlineplus.gov for more reasons!

5. Holding grudges. Still angry at aunt Martha for not coming to your wedding? You’re likely the only one who suffers as a result.

The fix:

Learn to forgive. Its true what your mother always said about you only hurting yourself when you are angry at someone. Especially if you don’t confront them directly. They may have no idea that you’re even angry, yet you might raise your blood pressure stewing about it. The best way to deal with a conflict is to confront the person you are upset with, and if that can’t be done, take a step back and look at the situation – would you have said or done the same thing in their shoes? If so – rethink and examine your issue. If not, maybe its time to slowly let go of the relationship.

6. Taking on more than you can handle. As parents, most of us can relate to this one, but do you say yes out of habit more than desire?

The fix:

Delegate and say no. Yes, I know its much easier said than done, but once you practice it does get easier. Can you say no? (N.B. I recently signed my child up for a sport and opted out of the volunteer program – I actually paid money so I didn’t have to volunteer. I love kids and am very involved at her school, however she has a chronic condition and adding volunteer duties that take me away from her just isn’t an easy task to manage, so I simply say no. No one asks and I don’t feel bad…but it took some time and practice to get there – you can do it!) If the item must be done, what can you get help with? Can you recruit friends and family?

7. Chronic Complaining. Sometimes we just need to vent – that is healthy. However it can become chronic and very negative.

The fix:

It’s so easy to complain. It really is – but if for every complaint you made you made an equal expression of gratitude, you would notice quite a profound change in your overall happiness – thus overall health. Try it…I dare ya!

8. Over concern for other people’s opinions.

The fix:

This one is particularly tough – it is human nature to care what others think of us…but it can get out of hand and really have a trickle down effect on numerous aspects of our lives. On one hand it can keep us accountable – if the prospect of someone thinking poorly of us prevents us from doing something less than desirable, it is likely a good moral check and balance system. However if you don’t want to see a friend because you don’t have the latest designer $1200 satchel  – then you need to rethink your game. Own yourself and your style – are you frugal for a reason? Did your mother in law give you your bag and you use it for sentimental reasons? Or do you simply love your $30 department store purse? Either way – own it!

Do you do any of these? Are there more that you can think of? Leave me a comment below, I’d love to hear from you!

Enjoy this day!


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