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10 ways to get or stay fit without the gym or membership cost. (List).


Do you find going to and from the gym wastes time in your day that you don’t have? Wish you could stay fit at home without the added cost of a gym membership? Then you are in luck, read on!

1. DIY bootcamp. All you need is sneakers and some room or the great outdoors! Here’s an awesome DIY bootcamp guide from Reader’s Digest Best Health.

2. Go for a walk or run. Take the dog, take the family or head out on your own with your favorite music for some time alone!

3. Get a good set of free weights and a step. Pump those muscles up at home while watching your fave show or movie!dumbbells-1634750_1280

4.Try an online video. Youtube is an amazing resource for free fitness videos! Not that I personally condone all of them, but here are some of my favorite channels:


5. Dance. Honestly – sometimes having a dance party with my 6-year-old gets my heart rate up into my training zone much more easily than my treadmill or bike! Crank some tunes on your own or with company and let your inner boogie shine!

6. Got stairs? Take ‘em! Do 5 sets, march on the spot for 5 minutes. Repeat this cycle 5 times for a 30 to 40 minute workout.

7. DIY Obstacle course. Here’s a neat one for kids that can easily be adapted for adults from FrugalFun4Boys!

8. Do a walking tour of an area where you live. Window shop, enjoy the outdoors and maybe even run into a friend! Map out your route first if in an unfamiliar area of your city and get those walking shoes ready!

Lace ’em up!

9. Find a partner and alternate picking workouts. Maybe a neighbor – pick 4-5 days a week and each one of you picks a 30 minute activity to do together.

10. Do a 30 minute tv show workout. During your favorite 30 minute show (or of course 30 minutes of your favorite longer show) choose a different cardio activity for each show segment, and a body weight strength activity for each commercial break. Some ideas for cardio might be walking or jogging on the spot, stepping up and down on a step or bottom stair, front kicks, scissor jumps, etc. Some ideas for body weight strength activities are push ups, squats, lunges, pull-ups (you’ll need a pull-up bar for this one but you can find them easily).


No offence to gyms, and of course if you are the type of person who enjoys the social aspect of a gym then please do stick with it, but I truly believe fitness and health should not break the bank, and with the exception of very highly competitive athletes, I’ve rarely found someone who cannot find a way to workout at home that works for them.

I hope this is helpful to you and would love to hear how you workout at home! Please leave your comments below:)

Enjoy this day!


10 thoughts on “10 ways to get or stay fit without the gym or membership cost. (List).”

  1. I’ve started taking people on 21 fitness challenges – bodyweight only, working the big muscles, do them anywhere, get done in 15 minutes. So it sounds like you will want to join in with the next group…

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      1. Up to this point, I was messaging people the daily exercises early in the morning and then harassing them in the evening to make sure they got them done. Strangely, I’ve lost a lot of friends during these events…

        Liked by 1 person

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