Weight loss and the Shrink

This is me, looking like my Dad, who was a psychologist.

When I work with someone interested in a fitness program, I have them fill out copious forms (partly to see how motivated they are) and one of the questions is “What is your main goal?” Guess what 99% of folks put? To “lose weight” and “be healthier”.

Let’s get real here, people work out because they want to look good. I guarantee that is the underlying motivation in everyone’s get fit quest – even the folks that are told by a doctor that they need to be more active, as they still have that underlying realization that they too could have washboard abs. I mean yes, we work out to help our backs, and knees and prevent injury but c’mon…you know you’ve checked out those pumped up biceps in the mirror after a superset! We all do it 🙂

~NEWS FLASH~ Exercise alone will NOT result in weight / fat loss unless your diet – calorie for calorie – stays exactly the same (which is VERY unlikely since the human body craves equilibrium), or unless you decrease your overall calories (which takes even more willpower).vintage-1418613_1280

I hear many people swear up and down they are eating “really well” and have decreased their overall calories. I believe they really think they are!  Our minds are amazing at making us block out what we assume doesn’t count. (Ahem…like the delectable cinnamon bun I ate this morning before 8 am – nothing counts before then, right?;)

I think part of the problem lies in our food culture. The things that are marketed as “healthy”, “low-fat”, “weight loss friendly” are anything but. You know what’s really healthy? REAL food. As nature intended. Growing naturally without herbicides, pesticides and all the nasty mutations and chemicals forced on our preferred source of nourishment. But I digress…

fudge-1081100_1280.jpgSo that being said I bet you are ready to head into the kitchen and grab a salad, right? Here’s the problem – within your brain the neural pathways formed from repetitive habits will eventually make you eat that cookie as soon as your willpower goes down a smidge.




Changing a habit is one of the most difficult things you can do. So, my point in this whole rant? The very best thing you can do if you truly want to change the way your body looks (keeping in mind genetic potential)? Get a shrink. Find a good psychologist and seek advice in changing your habits.

**N.B. I sincerely hope no one takes offense to the word “shrink” as I say it with much love – as the daughter of one of the first clinical/neuro “shrinks” in Alberta, I know he’d have a giggle:) I mean no harm and highly respect the profession!**
Enjoy this day!

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