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The ultimate guide to a no equipment workout – Part 1 of 4


Think body weight training is just for beginners? Think again.

What if I told you I could offer you a workout that required virtually no equipment, could be done almost anywhere, is free, and is effective in enhancing the shape of your body? What if I told you the body weight exercises weren’t all burpees & scissor jumps but some you’ve likely never seen before?

In this 4 part blog post series, I’m going to tell you all about it and how it can make your life A LOT easier.


Why body weight?

  1. It is cost-effective (uh, free actually).
  2. It is time efficient – minimal to no set up time means a shorter total workout time. Also – doing the exercises very slowly will help shorten your workout as well. Doesn’t make sense now, I know, but it will.
  3. It is convenient and modifiable – you can do it virtually anywhere.
  4. Almost everyone can perform some level of the exercise.
  5. It is functional, using more than one muscle group using movements the body was built to perform.
  6. It can aid in injury prevention – not only by building strength but by not overloading the body with weights that can potentially stress tissues if not done properly.

(Not an exhaustive list.)

Will you build huge muscles?

This all depends on genetics and diet. If you have the genetic potential (just look at your parents and siblings to discover this) as well as you are eating a good ratio of protein to fat to carbohydrate, as well as enough calories, then yes, you can build muscle by body weight training alone. Just like anything else you will hit a plateau at some point – at which you will need to add external resistance in order to continue making gains.

Just toning, yo!
Will you get toned?

I honestly HATE the word toning. Like truly HATE it. It gives a false expectation for specific exercise. When people say to me “oh, I don’t want to life weights, I just want to tone” I actually vomit in my mouth a little. When people say toning, what they really mean is they want to see muscle instead of fat tissue. Trust me folks, that muscle is already there, we just need to reduce some of the fat tissue to see it. Ladies reading this? Never be afraid to life heavy. You won’t “get big” unless you eat and supplement to “get big”.

Next week in part 2, I’ll be covering some diet (and when I say diet, I’m referring to a regular eating pattern, not a quick, short way of eating to make weight changes) basics that should be implemented with training if you are looking for results.

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Enjoy this day!


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