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Ok. I know this is a workout guide, however i think it’s fairly safe to assume that most of us have a strong aesthetic component to our workout motivation, right? So – I’m about to share with you the Holy Grail of enhancing the shape of your body whether you want to lose or gain weight.

Barring any food allergy or illness, this literally is the key  (you really won’t see results without this) to a healthy body composition (read: lower body fat, higher lean muscle mass – not just how we look or weight on the scale): what we eat.



Here are the guidelines:

  1. Track what you normally eat on some sort of diet app for no less than three weeks. The goal with this is to figure out how many calories you eat on average. Take your total number of calories over seven days and divide by seven to get your average. (*Note: don’t make any judgements on how many calories you eat. Everyone is different and people that say “an average person eats xx amount of calories per day is talking pure B.S.).
  2. Decide whether you need to a) lose weight, b) gain weight, or c) maintain your current weight. For a) decrease your average calories per day by 200-500 calories. For b) increase your average calories per day by 200-500 calories. For c) try to maintain the same as your average calories.
  3. Eat 0.8 to 2.0 (the higher end is for building muscle, the lower end is for maintaining muscle with weight loss) grams of protein per kilogram of body weight per day. Don’t go overboard and eat more than 2 grams per kg – to much protein can potentially stress body function.  (This is where you will realize the value of a tracking app like https://www.myfitnesspal.com/ .)
  4. Aim for 40-50 % carbohydrates, 15-20 % protein and under 25% fat every day.
  5. Drink 8-14 cups of water per day – the more active you are, the more you need to drink.
  6. Bonus: make sure to take a good multivitamin supplement and top up anything you are lacking. Speak to a dietician or your doctor to determine this. Here’s a great article by Precision Nutrition with more info.

*If you are tracking your weight, or body fat, do so no more than once per week, at the same time on the same day with the same conditions – for instance Tuesday mornings, before showering, eating or drinking.

It will take some trial and error and some tracking, but within a few weeks you should notice you’ll be more aware of the balance of these macronutrients within your meals and notice a change in your body composition – add in the no equipment workout and you will be a finely tuned machine!

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Enjoy this day:)

– LB


      1. Yes. I’m not a believer. I confess that I have bought a peed out many vitamins and supplements over the years. I do take a little Vitamin D and B12 but only because they’re cheap so if they make no difference (most likely) I’m not losing out too bad.

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      2. I do see your point – I would’ve said the same a few years ago, however I have seen changes in my own health as well as clients with vitamins / minerals. I just don’t think our diets can cover all we need. But I totally respect your opinion. If we didn’t have differing opinions, we’d never get anywhere in life, right? 😜👍🏼


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