When I was in my teens, my Dad had a silent heart attack. Five years later, after a change in diet and walking program, his doctor told him he had an athletic heart. Those words – “athletic heart” stuck with me all my years, and I credit dear old Dad with my love and appreciation of all things health.

My educational background includes a clinical massage & remedial exercise diploma (with honours), a diploma in personal and fitness consulting, and 2 years of holistic nutrition. 13 + years experience as a fitness & wellness advisor in a corporate setting within the insurance industry, and 17 plus years working with the general public, lends to me an extensive working knowledge of prevention, management and rehabilitation of illness and injury from a scientific and holistic background.

I am passionate about health and wellness – but also know that sometimes a bowl of chocolate chips and peanut butter is inevitable. Humor fuels me and my goal in life is to make folks take charge of their own health with realistic goals and laughs along the way.

For more about my services check out my web page at: www.bloomwellness.ca

4 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Laura, thanks for finding my blog and following. It’s nice to meet you! My dad also had a silent heart attack. It was a few years ago when he was in rehab from a surgery. He’s ok, and is 88 years old now! I love the sound of “an athletic heart.” Something to strive for. Take care, Jenny


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