When is the best time to exercise?

   Well...this depends on your goal - if you are looking to lose weight, then 4 am, if you are looking to bulk up then 6:30 am... JUST KIDDING! The very best, most effective time to exercise during the day is WHENEVER THE HECK YOU ARE WILLING AND ABLE TO FIT IT IN. Yes, a… Continue reading When is the best time to exercise?

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Liar, liar, Yoga pants on fire! Finding the joy in exercise.

  Do you have to drag your butt to the gym? If you miss a morning workout, do you write of the day as a no-exercise day? Does the thought of your impending exercise routine inspire you to spew your organic green smoothie? I can assure you, you're not lazy - its completely human and… Continue reading Liar, liar, Yoga pants on fire! Finding the joy in exercise.


Free time saving kettlebell workout.

  Here's an awesome fun and time saving intermediate kettle bell workout that is guaranteed to make your muscles wonder what they did to offend you. interesting sidebar for those that aren't already familiar with kettle bells: did you know that "pro" or "competition-grade" kettle bells are all actually the same size but just… Continue reading Free time saving kettlebell workout.

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4 musts for a flat belly.

          Genetics & diet are the main factors as to whether or not you will have a flat stomach. I have the same belly as my Pop (RIP Dad:'(), and my daughter has the same belly as me. My apologies to my daughter, grand and great grand babies. We all have… Continue reading 4 musts for a flat belly.


Get out of the gym!

   Seriously, it makes me a touch sad when someone says "I exercise 2 hours a day, I love the gym!" Really? REALLY? There is nothing else you would rather be doing than making yourself work? You must be an alien. No honestly, humans are not built like that. It's not that we're not lazy,… Continue reading Get out of the gym!

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I have ripped abs. No, like ripped down the center.

        I was inspired to write post this after a day of doing fitness assessments and realizing how hard we are on our bodies and how distorted our view of perfection is.         One day, as I was sitting up from a nap while pregnant, I called my husband into the room.… Continue reading I have ripped abs. No, like ripped down the center.


Free beer & home workout!

  Okay, so sorry, I lied about the beer...but I do have some good exercise information for you! Exercising at home guarantees a harder time coming up with an excuse not to work out. Contrary to what the industry will have you believe, you don't need anything to expensive. Here is a list of must… Continue reading Free beer & home workout!